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Count On Benson

Wether you are looking for an original equipment part, or a high quality, vehicle specific replacement, Benson has you covered. By offering a plethora of options for every vehicle, we are able to provide you with whatever you need to get back on the road!

Know No Better

Don't trust second-hand parts! When you purchase parts from our dealership, you can rest assured that they are of the highest quality. Our experts know your vehicle and the parts that it needs to ensure that you get the best replacements.

Genuine Lincoln Parts

Why choose genuine parts? When original manufactures design a vehicles systems, each part is carefully engineered to function as a team througout the entire vehicle. Whole an aftermarket part may look like it belongs, it may not have been produced with the same care, or knowlege, as a genuine Lincoln part. At Benson, we always recommend that you keep your Lincoln, a Lincoln.

John Loposky

John Jones